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Airtight Ceramic Container


Product information:

Experience the perfect storage solution with our Airtight Ceramic Containers, available in three convenient sizes: 760ml, 880ml, and 900ml. These elegant containers are designed to preserve the freshness of your food items while adding a touch of sophistication to your kitchen. Let's explore the remarkable features of each size:

  1. 760ml Airtight Ceramic Container:

    • Ideal for storing smaller quantities of coffee beans, loose tea leaves, spices, or snacks.
    • The airtight silicone-sealed bamboo lid locks in the flavor and aroma of your stored items, ensuring their long-lasting freshness.
    • The compact size makes it perfect for organizing your pantry or countertop without taking up much space.
  2. 880ml Airtight Ceramic Container:

    • Versatile storage for medium-sized quantities of dry fruits, nuts, pasta, or baking essentials.
    • The airtight seal preserves the quality and taste of your ingredients, keeping them at their peak for extended periods.
    • Its wider mouth provides easy access to your stored items, making it convenient for daily use in the kitchen.
  3. 900ml Airtight Ceramic Container:

    • Ample storage for larger quantities of rice, grains, cereals, or cookies, making it a perfect choice for family-sized portions.
    • The airtight feature ensures your food stays fresh and free from external contaminants, maintaining their original flavors.
    • The stylish and sophisticated design of this container complements any kitchen decor, adding an elegant touch to your storage space.

Key Features of our Airtight Ceramic Containers:

  • Premium Ceramic Construction: Crafted from high-quality ceramic, these containers offer durability and a luxurious appearance.
  • Eco-Friendly Bamboo Lid: The silicone-sealed bamboo lid not only forms an airtight seal but also aligns with your eco-conscious choices.
  • Easy Care and Maintenance: Hand wash the ceramic body and wipe the bamboo lid with a damp cloth for effortless cleaning.
  • Practical and Thoughtful Gift: These containers make a practical and thoughtful gift for home cooks, food enthusiasts, or anyone who values freshness and organization in their kitchen.

Experience the convenience and elegance of our Airtight Ceramic Containers in three versatile sizes. Organize your pantry, preserve the flavors of your ingredients, and elevate your food storage with style. Order your set of Airtight Ceramic Containers today and embrace a new level of freshness and functionality in your kitchen!

Color Classification:
Tall Tea Caddy - Gilt Iron Glaze About 12.5cm wide, 11.2cm high, about 760ml capacity
Four Leaf Tea Caddy - Gilt Iron Glaze About 14cm wide, about 8.2cm high, about 880ml capacity
Ocean Wave Tea Caddy - Gilt Iron Glaze About 10.3cm wide, 14.9cm high, about 900ml capacity

Packing list:
Ceramic tea pot x1



Specialty grade, single origin, and hand-picked at peak ripeness for the highest quality.


And always roasted to your preference. Maximum freshness, maximum flavor.

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